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Manual lymphatic drainage at Perfect Balance

Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) is a gentle type of massage where the aim is to encourage the lymph fluid to flow more freely throughout the body.

Dr Vodder MLD method is using only light touch, stimulating the mechanoreceptors of the lymph vessels under the skin with circular or spiral manipulations. During those rythmical movements there is an increase in the pressure and then a decrease to approximately zero.

The direction of the pressure corresponds to the direction of lymph draiange, because the connective tissue fluid is displaced. Dr Vodders’ MLD method always starts at the neck, where the large lymph vessels join into the venous arch.

Your physiotherapist will work on dry skin (without oil) because a close skin contact is needed in order to move a large skin area.

The benefits of MLD are:

  • improvement of the motor activity of lymphangions

  • displacement of fluids (helps to remove vaste products)

  • softening of fibrosis

  • a general relaxing (sympathicolytic) effect due to the continuous change in MLD pressure.

It can be used post plastic surgery and lyposuction, after traumatic events where swelling and bruising is compromising the rehabilitation, in primer and secunder lymphoedema as an additional treatment.

Want to know more about how lymphatic drainage can help you as part of your next physiotherapy treatment at Perfect Balance. Request a quick call with our expert, Erika!


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