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We are a Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD) registered Rehabilitation Centre. All of our Physiotherapists, Dietitian and Speech and Language Pathologist are also HAAD registered.


We offer direct billing for patients under Bupa and Oman Insurance for physiotherapy services.  Please check if your individual coverage covers Physiotherapy. 

We also ask you enquire with insurance company whether you are required to have a medical referral prior to commencing your treatment. This referral may need to be obtained from your Family Medicine Doctor, General Practitioner Doctor or a Specialist. 


For all other insurance companies, we offer a "Pay and Claim Policy" for all other insurance companies. Your therapist will provide you with a reimbursement form and a detailed treatment report when necessary. 

Steps to take prior to your initial appointment:

  1. Call your insurance company to see if you are covered for the appropriate treatment

  2. Ask if you need a Doctor/ Specialist referral 

  3. Request a referral at your next Doctor's visit (before your treatment at Perfect Balance if necessary) 

Steps to take during and after your appointment:

  1. Inform your therapist that you need a reimbursement form to be complicated and request a detailed report if indicated. 

  2. Submit the documents and the paid invoices provided by our receptionist.

  3. Keep us posted if you required any other documents. 

We look forward to supporting you in your health, recovery or performance journey. Do not hesitate if you have any questions. 


Adult - Women's Health Pediatric - Sports Injury 

Initial Consultation

40 min / 480 aed

Follow-up treatments

40 min / 480 aed

Pediatric treatments 

30 min / 360 aed 

5 session treatment package

2250 aed

10 session treatment package

 4200 aed


Initial Consultation

60 min / 580 aed

Follow-up treatments

45 min / 480 aed

5 session treatment package

2250 aed

10 session treatment package

4200 aed

Speech & Language Therapy

Assessment (2 sessions of 45 min) 750 aed


Assessment with report

1000 aed 

Therapy session

30 min / 300 aed*

45 min / 450 aed*

60 min / 600 aed*

90 min / 900 aed*

*Treatment packages of 5 and 10 sessions available (depending on child's needs) 

If you have questions about treatments or package options, contact reception and or schedule a call with a therapist. Get all your questions answered before you book an appointment.

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