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Posture Assessment

“Sit up straight!” or “Don’t slouch!” are expressions that resonate with most of us from our childhood; where we were constantly nagged by our family members. In hindsight- I certainly wish I’d paid more attention to my mother’s wise words as it would have saved me a lot of bother. Now, I have to constantly remind myself to maintain ideal alignment during normal day to day tasks - which is easier said than done. The majority of patients who come to Perfect Balance suffering from back, neck and shoulder pain (to name but a few) often have some sort of postural abnormality which can typically contribute to the manifestation of their problem. There are different schools of thought on whether “b

Trigger Point Release

Most of us have felt the “knots” or tight spots; or asked a friend or loved one to get stuck into that muscle in the hope that it will release some tension or pain. But what are these “knots” and why does a deep massage or lots of pressing help alleviate the tension or discomfort associated with them? Trigger point formation and release is not an exact science; with many hypotheses out there as to their precise pathophysiology. In short: muscle is made up of a series of protein filaments that when stimulated (by nerve conduction from the brain via the spinal cord) slide on top of one another causing the muscle to contract and relax. The “knot” or myofascial trigger point (slightly more scien