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"I came to Perfect Balance after 10 sessions at another physio clinic. The sessions there haven’t helped at all and I got really frustrated with my wrist pain not going away. When I booked my first appointment with Perfect Balance, I was directly referred to one of their specialists for handling wrist injuries. My physio therapist Hiten was fantastic! He quickly understood my problems and showed me exercises that have since significantly improved my issues. I can highly recommend Perfect Balance if you’re looking for an excellent physio team on Reem Island."

- Lo B 

''I saw Hiten over the course of about 3 months on and off for a shoulder injury and would highly recommend him - my shoulder feels as good as new now. He gave me a plan to work on and helped me to integrate sports-specific gym exercises into my training and my shoulder now feels back to normal. Not only that but he and the staff at Perfect Balance are all very friendly and knowledgeable too.''

- Tom Herbert

"Suffering from chronic neck and back pain, Amy was recommended by a friend. She is very professional, understanding, and quickly put me at ease. She spent time in understanding my problem, and was upfront about the fact that recovery would take anywhere from a few weeks to months.

Four months in, I am significantly better and the pain is much more manageable.

Every week, Amy studies the strengthening exercises, ensures, I do them correctly, to gain maximum benefit and sustained recovery.

Her treatment plan is structured and systematic, solving one issue at a time, while not losing sight of the other. The exercises she taught me also helped ease a knee pain which I have been living with for long (since a minor ligament issue around 15 years ago)

A big thank you to Amy and I would recommend her hands down to anyone."

- Shwetha Siva Subramanian


''Hi to everyone that's reading this review; if you have doubts about whether or not you would benefit from their dietitian services, don't worry, I used to think the same. It's not the regular dietitian routine you're used to. It is a really calming and stress-free environment, and there's always something you can learn from it.
Jeanne Bédard's dietitian is an excellent, caring, and genuinely understanding person. I felt comfortable from our first appointment. She helped me explore enjoyable movement, mindful eating, dealing with emotional triggers, practicing self-awareness (noticing and listening to your body's needs), and many more. I HIGHLY recommend you check them out and see them for yourself. Thank you, Jeanne Bédard's and Perfect balance, for the incredible work!

- Noor Mohamed


''I have always been on diet, trying lots of different methods and none of them worked for more than 3 months… Finally, we found Perfect Balance and with my husband we start our journey with Jeanne. It is so rare to find a dietician that really care about you and does not give you a pre-confectioned meal plan that, most of the time, disregards your energy needs and your tastes.

Jeanne is simply amazing! We started focusing on satisfaction, portions and fullness rather than restriction and privation, driving us away from diet mentality and introducing us to the intuitive eating. We worked together on how to combine food in order to have the best comfort and energy for our day and find solutions tailored on our needs and our tastes. While we are eating every day our favorite food (we are Italian…so pasta!) and not feeling hungry or “on diet”, we are losing lots of weight. Jeanne really changed my relation with food and my lifestyle! I strongly recommend her!''

- Elena Magnani

''I can’t describe how grateful I am to meet Jeanne Bedard my genuine and professional Dietitian. Jeanne has really helped out through a very difficult time following my diagnosis with the Celiac disease. She started to educate me and guide me through the time with her knowledge, care and compassion, for which really matters for people with celiac as they need to be well educated of Do’s and Don’t’s in addition to the emotional support, where both were done by Jeanne. Thank you so much.''

- Shaima Elshikh.



"We took our son to the center for speech therapy with Salma. Our son doesn’t open up to people easily, but we were surprised at how fast he accepted Salma and the sessions. As soon as he sees her, he’d hug her and says his goodbye to us. He really enjoyed his sessions with Salma. She was really great with him and knows her craft so well. We are happy with the noticeable progress that we saw in our son. We tried different centers and therapists before, but nothing comes close to our experience here and with Salma. We are happy, and our son has improved.

Thank you soo much Salma''

- Hamda Ali

''It's has been almost 8 months since July 2021 that my son came to Perfect Balance for having his speech and language therapy sessions twice a week with Salma Hasan, B.Sc., SLT., DOH.

He had so many improvements in his Receptive and Expressive Language Skills. He had passed his first Individual Therapy Plan successfully (end of July 2021 - February 2022) now his target is updated to reach all his potentials.

Salma did the therapy really professionally as she has her bachelor degree, 4 years course on this subject. She had the all tools needed as the prompts or clues whether they were used to introduce the new words or help my son to remember the words. The therapy sessions is very fun, no pressure at all. There are also playing time and stickers as rewards. I was invited to seat inside for every session so I could learn and observe how Salma did the therapy and tried to implement that at home.''

- Dinarti Paramita

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