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Plan Your First Visit

What to expect from your first visit to Perfect Balance Rehabilitation Centre?


Here is some information and tips regarding your first visit to our Centre. We look forward to welcoming you and helping you with your path to recovery.


What to bring?


Please bring the following documents (if you have them):


  • A printed copy of your referral from your Doctor or Specialist

  • Any investigations and medical reports you have had for example: Xrays, MRI, CT scan, blood tests, operation reports 

  • Medication and dietary supplement details 





Whether you are using direct billing (Bupa and Oman insurance) or "Pay and claim" treament we invite you to check with your insurance company prior to your appointment if you require a Doctor or Specialist referral to Physiotherapy, Dietetics or Speech and Language Therapy. You may be required to get this prior to your appointment so that you can be reimbursed by your insurance company. 


** Please see the Insurance section for more information**


Patient registration


Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your initial assessment to allow time to fill out the ‘New Patient starter forms’. The receptionist can help guide you through the forms.


To proceed with any treatment at Perfect Balance Rehabilitation Centre you must sign the consent and late attendance forms.


What to wear for your physiotherapy treatment?


Please ensure you wear clothes that are comfortable.


For the purposes of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Pilates; please wear clothes that we can assess your movement and posture in and that you are comfortable to do exercise in. It is advised you bring sports clothes.


You may be asked to expose the area of injury or a particular body part.




Underground parking is available. When booking your appointment the Receptionist will provide you with all the details needed.


21st Floor, Tamouh Tower (building 12), Marina Square, Reem Island 

Visitor parking is located under Tamouh Tower : Turn right towards the Tamouh Tower entrance (near the flags), continue straight past the main entrance until the end of the road. The visitors parking entrance will be the second parking entrance (right hand side). Once parked, walk back to the front entrance. Security will let you up to the 21st floor.

Please note that parking fees are 10 AED per hour. The machine only accepts CASH payment (small bills).

We are working very hard with the building management to provide more convenient payment options. 


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