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Corporate Wellness


How can we help you at your workplace?

Perfect Balance corporate wellness services aim to help your business improve the wellness, health, and fitness of your employees.

Physiotherapy and Pilates

Our Physiotherapists provide high quality advice on posture, back pain, injury rehabilitation, and workplace ergonomic assessments. Our Rehabilitation Pilates workshops guide employees on valuable exercises that help prevent aches and injuries.


Highly experienced Physiotherapists from Perfect Balance can visit your workplace or business to:

  • Carry out detailed assessments of your employees, their workplace set up and environment, and provide thorough feedback and recommended action plan.

  • Perform annual reviews of posture and workplace set up as a valuable tool for maintaining employee job satisfaction and reducing days lost of workplace related illness. Sick leave due to poor posture and workplace injury can be reduced through effective education and positive change.

  • Deliver postural re-education talks to your employees to guarantee they understand the benefits and necessity of good posture and optimum workplace set up.

  • Deliver Pilates workshops tailored to the needs of your employees where specific exercises help increase mobility, strength, improve alignment, and posture.

Food, Nutrition, and Health

Our Dietitian can provide advice on healthy eating and tips on how best to fuel your body. Improving what they eat could help boost their concentration, productivity, and their overall work-life balance.


Through a short lunch and learn, during a planned team building or wellness day event, let our dietitian coach your employees on how to improve their eating habits in a motivating, fun, and interactive way and let us trigger change and motivation by taking part in a healthy team challenge. Our dietitian can provide informative workshops and answer all the questions your employees might have about various topic including:

  • Simple and easy meal planification for busy professionals

  • Grocery shopping to ease the preparation of healthy meals or snacks

  • Get a grip on cravings, hunger, satiety, emotional eating, or mindful eating

  • Healthy weight management

  • Choosing food when you eat out and keeping your health goals in mind


Can’t find what you are looking for here? Ask us to develop a workshop tailored to your exact needs.


You could also plan a day for your employees to have our Dietitian on site and schedule one-on-one confidential nutrition counselling sessions.   


Contact us for more information on what our team can do to help your employee’s wellbeing.


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