What treatment can you expect from our Dietitian?

Our dietitian, Jeanne Bédard, uses and explore a variety of strategies and techniques during treatment sessions, including but not limited to:​

Nutrition therapy
Food and nutrient adequacy
Macros & Energetic balance
Portion & mindful eating 
Meal timing & structure 
Supplement & bioactive substance assessment 
Cognitive restriction & food police
Food and medication interaction
Nutrition related CBT tools 
Health at every size
Intuitive eating 
Cultural &  social factors
Triggers & stimulus analysis 
Goal setting & self-monitoring
Motivation & skills 
Hunger and interoception

Whether you need a personalized assessment for a specific disease or condition or to improve your overall health, our dietitian will evaluate your medical history and health concerns, your lifestyle, habits, stress levels as well as consider allergies, intolerances, your relation to food, likes and dislikes.


Together you will develop an enjoyable, safe and effective way to properly fuel your body and get all the nutrients you need. It is an effective partnership between you and your dietitian to use her knowledge and experience and find practical ways you can take realistic short and long-term actions.


Dietitians are a valuable member of a multidisciplinary team and can advise clients, patients, carers and colleagues using evidenced-based knowledge and information. With your consent, they can communicate confidentially with your other health professional such as doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, and speech language pathologists to make sure that your treatments are coherent and holistic.

What are the aims of Perfect Balance dietetics?

To restore / Improve


  • Metabolic & health markers 

  • Satisfaction and flexibility

  • Time management & inspiration  

  • Energy and focus

  • Body intelligence & respect 

  • Mindfulness & self-care 


To reduce 

  • Stress & anxiety around food

  • Digestive discomfort 

  • Emotional eating

  • Hunger & mood swing 

  • Hormone imbalance & inflammation

  • Weight stigma & body shaming


What do Dietitians do?


Dietitians use the most complex and current scientific research on food, public health, and disease management and translate them into practical bite-size nutritional solutions. Their holistic approach enables people to make appropriate lifestyle and food choices that suit their individual goals, needs or manage specific health issues such as diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders, cardiovascular disease, cancer, intolerances, allergies and obesity. “Dietitians are the only qualified health professionals that assess, diagnose and treat dietary and nutritional problems at an individual and wider public-health level.” British Dietetics Association (2017)


Why might you see a Dietitian?


At Perfect Balance Rehabilitation Centre you can visit our Dietitian either by being :

  • referred by your General Practitioner or Specialist


  • self-referral, to address a specific medical/health condition or for advice to achieve a more balanced and healthier lifestyle.

Here is a list of a few conditions/ areas that a Dietitian could help improve your health and lifestyle with if:


Health/medical concerns :

  • you have been diagnosed with a medical condition, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, Crohn's or coeliac disease;

  • you suffer with digestive problems;

  • you think you or your child have an allergy or intolerance to a certain food;

  • you are struggling with the application of a prescribed diet (i.e. elimination diet);

  • your child, or looked after child, has specialized nutritional requirements;

  • you are a carer and want credible and practical advice to ensure the person/s you are caring for is/are getting the appropriate nutrition in their diet/s;

  • you need to put weight on following a spell of ill-health or as the result of a medical condition.


Lifestyle and personal health goals changes :

  • you are concern about weight and body image and have tried multiple unsustainable meal plans and diets

  • you are considering surgery to lose weight

  • you want to improve your athletic performance or general fitness levels

  • you want advice about pregnancy, breastfeeding and weaning

  • you want to maximize your chances of becoming pregnant

  • you want to improve your relationship with food or would like advice about eating disorders

  • You know what you should be doing and need support to put your knowledge in practice or improve meal planification.

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Meet our dietitian

Jeanne has a B.Sc. degree in Nutrition - Dietetics and Human Nutrition from McGill University, Montreal, Canada... She has over 12 years of experience practicing in Canada, Central America and the Middle East. Expertise in patient nutrition counselling, eating behaviour change and nutrigenetics, as well as development of nutrition education material...  Read more