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What is Rehabilitation Pilates?


At Perfect Balance Rehabilitation Centre our physiotherapists are Rehabilitation Pilates instructors and believe that Pilates can be a magnificent tool to promote agility, strength and posture. Rehabilitation Pilates can be used to address muscle imbalances, decreased movement and flexibility, poor posture, poor movement patterns, and repetitive overload.

Physiotherapists often use Rehabilitation Pilates as part of the treatment.

Prenatal Pilates


Prenatal pilates takes into consideration your trimester, presentation and your area of weakness. Our Pilates trained physiotherapist, will address general body conditioning, core strengthening with an emphasis on the smaller stabilising muscles so that your pelvis muscles are strong and support your bump well. 


Postnatal Pilates 


Postpartum our pilates sessions aim to bridge the gap between delivery and full return to exercise, whether it is getting back to your favorite gym, running, cross fit or jumping on the trampoline. Get your abdominal strength back and retrain your pelvic floor, posture and build the right muscle balance and strength to do what you love to do. 


Rehabilitation Pilates

During a rehabilitation pilates session, you basically will do what is often overlooked at the gym: work your prime stabiliser muscles to help prevent injury, aches and pains. Back pain is a regular ache we address with strengthening the core, as well as smaller muscle groups of the shoulder, hips and the back. Come complement your workouts or help your injury recovery. 

What are the benefits of Rehabilitation Pilates?


Pilates exercise promotes a balanced musculature throughout the whole body by strengthening the pelvic floor and core muscles.


Pilates exercise also promotes spinal, pelvic and peripheral alignment which is vital to the normal functioning of our body. This all included helps to promote postural alignment and normal movement of the body to avoid the risk of injury.


Who is Rehabilitation Pilates for?


Rehabilitation Pilates can be challenging and beneficial for both men and women. Whether you have just recently delivered a baby, or are a desk worker, a CrossFit athlete, a triathlete or a regular gym-goer, Rehabilitation Pilates can be modified to suit your needs.


If you are looking to increase your mobility, increase your pelvic floor and core strength, improve alignment and posture; Rehabilitation Pilates might just be what you need.

Specialized physio-led Pilates is also indicated if: 


  • you dropped out of your community exercise class because you are afraid of aggravating or getting injured due to aches, pain, weaknesses or pregnancy.  

  • you are struggling in returning to exercise post injury or post partum and looking to bridge the gap between your rehabilitation and getting back to doing the sport you love. 

What to expect from Rehabilitation Pilates at Perfect Balance?


Our Rehabilitation Pilates instructors are also physiotherapists and are highly trained  to ensure you are safe and working to the correct level of ability. We provide modifications for all exercises and adjustments during the classes or treatment session to ensure you achieve the most out of your rehabilitation.


Prior to starting the rehabilitation Pilates you should book a one-to-one assessment with one of our Physiotherapists so they can work with you to advise the best treatment plan. If you are not already a patient of our therapists, we ask you kindly to answer a few questions and sign a waiver at your first session. 


Note : Physio-led Pilates can be subject to health insurance reimbursement. We invite you to check your coverage.

What Pilates patients have to say...

As a man, I initially laughed off the idea that Pilates was something that could challenge me. I can now say that I was wrong. Pilates can be very challenging, even for men! I have been attending Rehabilitation Pilates classes with Kia Sofia. Kia is quirky, funny and relatable and I find myself enjoying her classes very much. Before I know it, the one hour is over and I’ve had a work-out. I find Kia’s voice to be calm, and her exercises to be appropriately challenging. If you aren’t feeling the exercise where you’re meant to, she works out ways to adjust the exercise so that it targets the right muscles. The benefits of Rehabilitation Pilates are that it strengthens the muscles that help support the back. It helps to counteract the amount of sitting that I have to do either at my desk or driving, thus improving my posture. I would highly recommend Kia Sofia’s Rehabilitation Pilates to anyone with back pain related to a disc problem or posture.


Rehabilitation Pilates Patient

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