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MSK Physiotherapy

What do Physiotherapists do to get you back doing the things you love?

The physiotherapists at Perfect Balance Rehabilitation Centre LLC use detailed and thorough assessment technique influenced by their knowledge, training, patient experience, and science.


Physiotherapists use a variety of treatment techniques including but not limited to:​

What are the aims of Perfect Balance Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy can help at any time of your life, whether it be a child who has fallen and broken their arm, or an adult who spends long hours working at a desk, or suffer recurrent pain and stiffness. 

​To restore / improve:

  • Function

  • Mobility

  • Strength

  • Posture

  • Quality of life​


To reduce:

  • Pain

  • Risk of injury

  • Recovery time

  • Rehabilitation time

  • Stress and anxiety


We help you find your perfect balance 

Our Physiotherapists

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