What can Pediatric Physiotherapy address?

Our pediatric physiotherapist is trained to work with neurological, orthopedic and muscular skeletal conditions. 

Neurological disease and complications: 

  • Cerebral palsy 

  • Muscular dystrophy 

  • Congenital club foot

  • Contractures

  • Hypotonia 

  • Hypertonia 

  • Gross motor delay

  • Down Syndrome 

  • Developmental coordination disorder

Growth related conditions such as :

  • Osgood schlatter's

  • Sever's

  • Sinding Larsen Johansson Syndrome

Congenital differences such as : 

  • Flat feet (pes planus ) 

  • Knock Knee (genu valgus) 

  • Bow legged ( genu varum ) 

  • Pigeon toed (intoeing)

  • Duck feet (outoeing) 

General musculoskeletal conditions such as : 

  • Muscle imbalance 

  • Overuse injury 

  • Poor posture 

  • Torticollis

  • Birth injury (e.i. shoulder dystocia, erbs palsy) ​

  • Pediatric sports injury 

  • Sports and performance 

What do Pediatric Physiotherapists do?

Pediatric physiotherapy, like adult physiotherapy, involves looking at many different components of movement to help improve quality of life, comfort and strength. For a child whatever the age, this means staying active, playing and participating in everyday life! To reach this precious goal, a complete history is taken, and a full assessment of the child is done by the pediatric physiotherapist. Treatment options can include:

  • Gentle and safe stretches with babies and children. 

  • Simple protocol to safely return to exercise and sports after an injury or pain episode.

  • Supporting the body to adapt to growth. 

  • Modifying certain activities according to physiological differences. 

  • Modifying training to enable safe participation. 

  • Realistic home exercise program that fits in the daily life and family schedule and requires minimal equipment. 

Our physiotherapists use a variety of treatment techniques including but not limited to:​ massage and tissue mobilisation, taping, stretching, posture assessment, trigger point release, ultrasound electrotherapy, GAIT analysis, manual therapy.