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Meal Template & Lifestyle

Life gets busy and planning meals can be challenging. Although you might have found that planning ahead helps to free up some time and mental space for you and your family, it is not always easy to go from knowledge to application. Finding a rhythm and system that works for you and your family can help reduce the stress, concerns and arguments surrounding food choices and make sure you have nourishing and balanced meals.

You could benefit from a consultation with a Dietitian if you:

  • Are often faced with the question "what's for dinner?"; 

  • Are tired of always eating the same thing;

  • Find yourself hungry between meals (which might indicate an imbalance in your meal);

  • If meal planning for a whole week overwhelms you;

  • If you struggle with buying too much or too little ingredients when grocery shopping;

  • Are lacking inspiration;

  • Confused about all the nutritional knowledge available;

  • Trying to make sense of everyone’s food preferences or nutritional needs (medical or age related);

  • Struggle with your cooking skills and feel overwhelmed; and/or

  • Live alone and struggle to shop and cook for one.

During a nutrition consultation with your Dietitian, you would review the following:

  • your current meal timing

  • your current grocery shopping structure and habits

  • your cooking skills and the level of enjoyment you get from cooking

  • the way you find and select recipes or find inspiration

  • past meal planning

  • your favorite recipes and cooking methods

  • the dynamic between yourself and the members of your family (specific food preferences for members of your family

Take some time to get out of “action-reaction” and “last-minute decision” mode. Get professional nutritional guidance to reflect on your past meal preparation strengths and weaknesses. Meal planning does not need to mean having a rigid, inflexible restrictive way of eating. Get a step-by-step method to improve your eating habit and lifestyle.


Meal planning can be done a day in advance, every two or three days, a week in advance or a month in advance depending on your preferences and lifestyle.


When needed, you can also discuss with our dietitian the use of a relevant meal delivery services. Explore without bias, what are the pros and cons, as well as the specific considerations to take when it comes to your own nutritional needs.

Schedule a free telephone consultation to discuss how Jeanne our dietitian can help you with your nutrition journey. 

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