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Congratulations! You’ve found out you’re expecting! Now to try and navigate the wealth of information out there to help make the best decisions for both you and your baby. One of the areas with the most conflicting information is exercise in pregnancy: when can you do...

Our team wrote some articles for the Yalla Magazine about New Year resolutions and mindset! Have look here!

Urinary incontinence is defined as any leaking of urine. It can be an embarrassing condition where suffers have to alter their lives for fear of having an accident. Some have to wear pads. Others avoid social engagements. Women are 5 times more likely to suffer from in...

January 29, 2020

Amy, our Head of Physiotherapy is an expert on Enritsch.com. Read her last blog about the Diastasis! 


Are you wondering if you should or shouldn't be training your abdominal muscles after having a baby?

Have you had


If you suffer from headaches, you’re not alone. It is estimated by the Migraine Research Foundation that 12% of the population suffer from migraines. Globally, it is thought that approximately 90% of migraine suffers cannot function or work when they have a migraine. T...

January 15, 2020

Inner Seed published a beautiful article about our Managing Director and Head Physiotherapist, Amy Gilbert. You can read the article here! 

Until recently searching for diastasis treatment in Abu Dhabi was challenging. At perfect balance all our therapists are qualified in assessment and treatment of diastasis. What is diastasis?

Diastasis, or diastasis recti, is the separation of the left and right recti (...

When out in the community or on various social media platforms we often hear women searching for a women’s health physiotherapist in Abu Dhabi. In particular they are looking for pelvic floor rehabilitation in Abu Dhabi.

In France It is routine for women to be prescribe...

Stretching is sometimes perceived to be only necessary for athletes but in fact, us physiotherapists recommend some form of stretching daily for everyone to maintain one’s mobility and independence. Without stretching the obvious happens; the muscles become tight and s...

“Sit up straight!” or “Don’t slouch!” are expressions that resonate with most of us from our childhood; where we were constantly nagged by our family members. In hindsight- I certainly wish I’d paid more attention to my mother’s wise words as it would have saved me a l...

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