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Physical Therapy For Back Pain In Abu Dhabi

The cause of back pain is the determining factor of the treatment for said pain but there are a few elements which we at Perfect Balance look at in every patient who attends our clinic with back pain. We always look at alignment, posture and core stability in standing/sitting/lying of all of our patients as well as functional movement to determine any imbalances due to weakness/tensions. Regardless of cause of pain we always feel important to work on alignment first. The reason for this is simple:

“Are you moving poorly because you are in pain Or are you in pain because you are moving poorly?”

Our approach is as always multi-faceted, looking at overall view as well as current acute symptoms. We will look at things like postural anomalies, functional movement and core strength/stability. We will conduct a neurological examination if indicated. We will look at the possibility of pelvic mal-alignment and leg length discrepancies as a cause of pain.

Once we feel comfortable with our diagnosis we will work on a treatment plan and individual strategy for your rehabilitation. Our goal will be to correct imbalances, strengthen weak musculature, release tensions, work on “core” stability and activation of deep stabilization muscles such as multifidus and transversus abdominus.

Back pain treatment often involves manual therapy such as mobilization or manipulation of the spinal segments, deep tissue or myofascial release, dry needling, cupping and manual traction/rotational thrusts.

You will likely receive a home programme which will start with very simple exercises and gradually intensify into a programme which should ultimately be your personalized programme which you will continue independently to keep your back healthy and prevent recurrence of back pain.

Studies have shown that muscular endurance in the core or stabilization musculature is extremely important in back pain prevention and recovery. Lumbar fatigue resulting in inability to correctly sense the positioning of the lumbar spine has been shown to be the cause of 25% of chronic low back pain presentations. This loss of control again links back to the fact that inability to hold a neutral position has a strong association with low back pain. For this reason one of our main aims in treatment of low back pain is rehabilitation of the core musculature. This can involve in-house exercise, home exercise programmers and sometimes recommendation to join pilates classes which we also conduct at Perfect Balance.

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