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Why men should do Pilates...

Pilates is great for women and men alike however here are some reasons why it is particularly beneficial for men. Still traditionally men are more likely to work longer hours and be desk-based than women. It is also often still expected that men will do the heavy lifting such as lifting suitcases, therefore men are at a higher risk of low back pain. In our Pilates class for men most of the men are recovering from acute back pain, or learning to manage chronic back pain. Pilates teaches men a set of exercises that they can doing at home daily that help to keep the important stabilizing muscles strong and keep pain away. Men are more likely than women to lift heavy weights in the gym. Men are

Sleeping positions - What is key?

SLEEP.....ZZZZZZZs !! I think all of us could do with more of it and it is certainly a common theme during our physiotherapy sessions with clients. There are so many considerations when it comes to choosing a sleeping position that it is hard to rank which is better or worse. Choosing a sleeping position as you lay down to sleep is as good a plan as one can have. I think if we address various concerns we may be able to bring you closer to which position is your best choice. Concern No 1: Low back pain: If this is your biggest concern then try back sleeping with a small roll under your knees to flex both knees slightly. The other sleeping position which works well is side lying either with bo