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Postnatal check-up

When out in the community or on various social media platforms we often hear women searching for a women’s health physiotherapist in Abu Dhabi. In particular they are looking for pelvic floor rehabilitation in Abu Dhabi. In France It is routine for women to be prescribed several session of postnatal specialist women’s health physiotherapy to help assist with rehabilitation of the pelvic floor. At Perfect Balance we offer a comprehensive assessment starting with a postural screening, assessing your muscles, checking for diastasis and if clinically indicated we will do an internal assessment and internal pelvic floor coaching. We are one of the only physiotherapy centres in Abu Dhabi that offe


Stretching is sometimes perceived to be only necessary for athletes but in fact, us physiotherapists recommend some form of stretching daily for everyone to maintain one’s mobility and independence. Without stretching the obvious happens; the muscles become tight and shorten, thus when called upon for activity involving full range of joint movement there are are blockages. A simple example of this is after sitting for a prolonged period there is sometimes a feeling of stiffness when we extend our knees all the way to straighten up and stand/walk. Likewise, when a tight muscle is called upon for a more strenuous activity such as tennis or simply running for a bus then there may be damage/inju