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Postnatal check-up In Abu Dhabi

When out in the community or on various social media platforms we often hear women searching for a women’s health physiotherapist in Abu Dhabi. In particular they are looking for pelvic floor rehabilitation in Abu Dhabi.

In France It is routine for women to be prescribed several session of postnatal specialist women’s health physiotherapy to help assist with rehabilitation of the pelvic floor. At Perfect Balance we offer a comprehensive assessment starting with a postural screening, assessing your muscles, checking for diastasis and if clinically indicated we will do an internal assessment and internal pelvic floor coaching.

We are one of the only physiotherapy centres in Abu Dhabi that offer this comprehensive assessment. Pregnancy places a toll on the body and it is important that you go for a check-up. Part of this fully customizable post-natal check-up is safe return to exercise. If you are found to have a diastasis (a separation of the left and right abdominals) it is important that you are coached through the correct exercises to help heal it properly before returning to full exercise.

So whether you are concerned about incontinence, prolapse or diastasis, or whether you just want guidance on safe return to exercise we will build your fully customized postnatal check-up around a combination of your personal goals and what is clinically indicated. You will see your body growing stronger each day through the guidance and rehabilitation provided by our specialist trained women’s health physiotherapists. You will achieve your goals and ultimately return to full function. We will ensure that you feel supported, safe, and cared for. If you are unable to leave your baby at home you may bring your baby to your sessions.

As a family friendly clinic with dietetics and speech and language we are no stranger to having children in the clinic. Each treatment is carried out in a private treatment room where your privacy, and dignity are respected.

Look no further for pelvic floor physiotherapy in Abu Dhabi, our specialist trained Women’s health physiotherapists are here to help

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