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Are you travelling with kids soon?

It’s summer time in Abu Dhabi. Schools will close soon and everyone will get ready to travel back home. Why not get a book like “Busy Airport” or “Going on an Airplane” and prepare your kids for the trip? How about enriching their vocabulary and learning new words in the process? ⁣ Travelling is a great theme to work on since lots of people living in UAE are expats! ⁣ ✈🛩Actions: checking in, weighing luggage, boarding, scanning for dangerous items, claiming bags, repairing, waiting, fastening seatbelt, following safety rules, taking off, landing, arriving, departing etc. 💺Nouns: seat belts, luggage, gates, metal detector, x-ray machine, waiting area, propellers, wings, tail, engine, pilot,

Managing Hunger & Diet

Common wisdom says that one should not go grocery shopping whilst hungry! From experience, this piece of hunger insight can be extrapolated to help you see body signals as an ally of productivity and health... Perhaps you have been on many weight loss diets or wellness plans. You might feel like you get hungry “too fast” or “too often;” you might think you lack willpower or see hunger as the enemy to be defeated by drinking water and eating low-energy foods. Or perhaps you get so busy that you don’t eat much during the day and then see hunger strikes hard when the pressure lifts after a day at work? Maybe you just don't feel hungry or eat out of fear of getting hungry? Whatever the case is,