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Are you travelling with kids soon?

It’s summer time in Abu Dhabi. Schools will close soon and everyone will get ready to travel back home. Why not get a book like “Busy Airport” or “Going on an Airplane” and prepare your kids for the trip? How about enriching their vocabulary and learning new words in the process? ⁣ Travelling is a great theme to work on since lots of people living in UAE are expats! ⁣

✈🛩Actions: checking in, weighing luggage, boarding, scanning for dangerous items, claiming bags, repairing, waiting, fastening seatbelt, following safety rules, taking off, landing, arriving, departing etc.

💺Nouns: seat belts, luggage, gates, metal detector, x-ray machine, waiting area, propellers, wings, tail, engine, pilot, copilot, passengers, seatbelt, flight attendants, control tower, mechanics, agent, boarding pass, tickets, directions, passports, stamps, locker, etc.⁣

👩🏾‍✈Adjectives: heavy, light, expensive, cheap, broken, safe, noisy, loud, huge, boring, excited, scared, frightened, extra, late, locked, etc.

👉🏼Pronouns and prepositions: use different pronouns/prepositions when role playing and telling the story📕. It is a great opportunity to generalize these concepts!

🎭Role play to give a meaning to new words. Use props: toys and figurines 👩🏾‍✈👨‍✈. Keep it fun and interesting. Follow your child’s lead. Demonstrate actions, feelings and point to things/pictures to show them what you’re talking about.

🛫Adapt your language according to your child’s level🤔. You don’t have to read the exact text. Use an expressive voice to catch children’s attention!🗣👱🏼‍♀

✈Try to link the book to a personal experience. Discuss what’s going to happen in the near future when you go on a holiday! 🏖🏕

🛬”Busy Airport” is for younger children who love interactive picture books with little text. Use your imagination when describing pictures!

✈“Going on an Airplane” shows a sequence of events and everything that happens in an airport from A to Z. Use it to identify a story detail, discuss sequenced events, what happened first, next, last, before, after, etc.

📕Choose your books wisely!


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