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What is the pelvic floor?

When the pelvic floor functions normally it supports the pelvic organs, keeps us continent, and allows us to participate in the exercises we love doing. The pelvic floor is part of the global support system for the lower body and is interconnected with the larger muscles of the lower body. Everyone has a pelvic floor, both women and men alike. The pelvic floor is a large sling like muscle that spans the underside of the pelvis supporting the pelvic organs. I often describe it as: 2 hands sitting under the pelvis, that rise and support when needed, and relax and let go at rest. For women specifically, the great news is that the pelvic floor is flexible and during a natural delivery stretches

4 Myths About Back Pain

Myth No 1: "Complete rest is the best treatment” The old treatment system of bed-rest for low back pain has been utterly rejected in recent years in favor of the “motion is lotion” belief which is that returning to gentle exercise and movement as soon as possible is a better approach for quicker pain relief and reduction of recurrence. It stands to reason surely that a stronger back will give less trouble which is why the more active approach is preferable. Myth No 2: “Low back pain should be treated with medication.” The treatment of back pain symptoms with medication is not the most modern and scientific approach anymore. While reducing pain, this is not a long term solution for a low back