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Manual Therapy

At Perfect Balance our preference is a Manual therapy approach to diagnosis and treatment of our patients. Manual Therapy is the use of “hands on” techniques by physiotherapists to assess and treat their clients with skilled hand movements and skilled passive movements of joints and soft tissue. Treatment using manual therapy may include moving joints in specific directions at different speeds to regain movements. This is known as joint mobilization or manipulation. We are all trained in mobilization (high velocity low amplitude movements) and manipulation (high velocity low amplitude thrusts) which are used to restore optimal motion, function and/or to reduce pain. Other manual therapy invo

Is my child ready for school?

As a speech and language pathologist, I get asked this question on a weekly basis especially now that most of schools in Abu Dhabi are open for next year’s registration. Is it better to have FS1/FS2 (or preschool) in a nursery or school? I always recommend “NURSERY” 🦄🐥🧚‍♀🧸🎈regardless of what the situation is. Here’s why: 👉🏼The number of kids in a FS1/FS2/preschool class in a nursery is lower compared to the same level at a school. 👉🏼In most of UAE’s nurseries, adult/child ratios range between 1:3-1:10 depending on age as stated by law. This allows children to get more individualized attention. However, most of preschool classes at schools tend to have one teacher and one assistant.