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10 side salad ideas (without lettuce)

Are you looking to spice up your life and branch out from your lettuce, cucumber or tomato salad combo? Summer is coming and having some cold crunchy salad options is refreshing! Our dietitian promotes combining more vegetables with the regular "go to" sandwich, pasta or rice dishes. The additions of fiber gives you longer energy!

Tomato and dill salad goes well with mix grill.

Carrot and chickpea salad is a great way to introduce legumes without it being the main part of the dish.

Coleslaw can be a great side dish to a burger.

Edamame salad brings a little more protein if you server it with a veggie wrap!

Soft and light Zucchini salad goes great with a pasta dish. For extra protein use chickpea pasta!

Celery and dates salad is a nice bitter-sweet crunchy mix!

Cauliflower and chickpea salad is another way to softly bring in more fiber and legumes!

Cucumber salad is a fresh options and goes well with fish!

Green bean salad goes well warm or cold with potatoes and the protein of your choice!

Broccoli Salad is a nice filling and crunchy option!

Jeanne is a Registered Dietitian with Dietitians of Canada and is a graduate of McGill University’s School of Dietetics & Human Nutrition, in Montreal. In her career she has provided nutritional services in outpatient, inpatient, homecare and virtual healthcare settings in the Middle East, Central America and Canada...


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