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Nathalia Souza

Nathália has a BSc Degree in Physiotherapy from the ‘University Paulista’ in the Brazil (2007). She has a postgraduate degree in Orthopedics/Traumatology and in Pelvic Physiotherapy/Functional Urogynecology (Women's Health).

Nathalia's expertise and work is dedicated to women's health, pelvic health, including pregnancy, childbirth care, postpartum rehabilitation, treatment of diastase and urogynecological disorders. She has specific training in Pilates for pregnant and postpartum women, hypopressive exercises, abdominal diastase rehabilitation, pre and post-surgery Lymphatic Drainage, lasertherapy for pain and wound healing, taping, manual therapy and other techniques to improve the quality of life and patient functionality.

She has clinical experience in the treatment of women for more than 14 years. She is thorough, compassionate and patient. 

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Her specialties include:

Professional Memberships (National and International):

  • Department of Health (DOH)

  • Regional Council of Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy - Brazil - CREFITO-3

  • Post Graduate Degree - Pelvic Physiotherapy, Functional Urogynecology - Brazil 

  • Post Graduate Degree -  Orthopedic and Traumatology Certification - Brazil

Raving Reviews

Through a group of pregnant women I met Nathália, so I really liked the affectionate way in which she treats us. And then I booked massages and Pilates classes, these were moments dedicated especially to me and my daughter who was on the way, that's because I have an older one. In the massages, I took the opportunity to relax, talk, think about life…

In pilates classes too, but I still focused on physical conditioning for the time of delivery, because I usually say that labor is a marathon and that we need to prepare to go through it. Also, my daughter was born with 4kg and 300g and 54cm, I didn't have ANY LACERATION in the perineum, I'm sure it was thanks to the exercises she was doing, so these moments were fundamental for my moment! Thank you Natalia.”

— Karolinne Mingoti, mother of Davi and Amalie

I did an orientation session to prepare for the end of pregnancy and childbirth. Nathália gave me exercises to relieve the weight in the lower back that arrived with the end of pregnancy and also to strengthen all the perineal muscles. It was great because I didn't have any lacerations!"

— Mariana Whitehead, Mother of Ana Luísa


Meeting Nathália in my first pregnancy was all good. It's a shame I only got to know her in the last 3 months, because in addition to the careful lymphatic drainage, suitable for pregnant women, and the perineum exercises, an assistant for those who want to have a normal birth, she's a sensitive and super kind person. I highly recommend it!!"

— Eliana Yoshiura, Melissa's mother

I was already 6 months pregnant and looking for a place where I could prepare for the arrival of my baby. And it was in one of those coincidences of fate that I met Nathália. Nathália is an excellent professional, super capable, attentive and dedicated. It was with her that I found all the help, guidance and care I needed. I highly recommend!

— Mariana Calais, Mother of Isabella

Nathália assisted me in my two pregnancies, which I had in a short time. With all their affection, attention, concern, availability, technique, they made these unique moments in my life even better. The drainage technique was so good for me that I was hardly bloated in either pregnancy.

I loved the work and the way that Nathalia treated me, and I intend to return to her care soon and recommend it to everyone who wants a differentiated and special service.”

— Elisabeth Bueno, mother of Henry and Hanna

I think that along with the joy of discovering the pregnancy, there are a thousand concerns and among them the one of how the body is after all this. My concern went beyond aesthetics, I was always very active and I wanted to keep it that way, during pregnancy and after.

Then I was lucky to find Nathy! Since the 12th week I started to do weekly drainage and to my surprise, in addition to having practically the entire pregnancy without swelling (I worked until the day before giving birth) I found a super attentive person who, in addition to being a physical therapist, was a great source of information. about pregnancy and postpartum.

Well… after the birth (I came back very swollen from the surgery) and I continued with the drainage sessions until the second month, when I got back to my weight.

Anyway, it was a great experience to meet a person who is at the same time super professional and super close, dear, careful!"

— Luciana Rossi, Bento's mother

I looked for Dr. Nathália at the end of my pregnancy already with very swollen legs and feet. We started doing the drainage sessions and she was always attentive and caring giving me lots of advice and helping both physically and emotionally. I started to rest and follow your guidelines and ended up losing 2 kg of pure swelling in a week. After the birth I resumed the drainage sessions that helped a lot to release retained fluids, relax the body and calm the soul. An extremely sweet, friendly and dedicated person to his work. Thank you for the special care!"

— Simone Hadad, Daniel's Mother

Nicolas was born at 41 weeks and 3 days pregnant, it was a long wait, full of intense emotions and expectations. Before delivery, I looked for Nathy to do pelvic floor exercises and massage in the most swollen areas of the body. She was always very attentive, with those little fairy hands. During this period, having her attention was very special for me and Nico. In addition to the affection, touch and professionalism transmitted by her, we had a caring person who was rooting for the whole family. In postpartum she called me, wanted news about the baby and I can say that I consider her a very special friend! Thank you Nathalia! kisses Sa & Nico"

— Sabrina Thompson, Mother of Nicolas

As I had mild incontinence after giving birth to my 1st child, when I became pregnant again, I soon decided to seek help to work the pelvic floor muscles and avoid future discomforts. I started Pilates with about 4 months of pregnancy and did it until the end. After delivery, it was possible to evaluate the benefits of Pilates. I had practically no incontinence in the first days and the one I had from the previous delivery had decreased a lot, to the point of not even bothering. It was excellent!

As the end of the pregnancy happened in the summer and it was very hot, I swelled up a lot, especially in the feet and ankles. I started the drainage sessions when the edema was already installed and so it was difficult to minimize the damage, but after each session, I felt much more comfortable and I noticed a considerable loss of fluid. Without the sessions, the swelling would certainly have been much worse."

— Thais Gontijo, mother of Felipe and Gisele

I met Nathália through the group of pregnant women, her proposal for postpartum recovery through pilates and the possibility of doing the exercises accompanied by my baby enchanted me! I got in touch when my daughter was already 4 months old and it was the best thing I could have done – pilates helped a lot in getting rid of back pain (which had not haunted me during pregnancy) and getting back into shape quickly… AND Nathália's caring and professional service at all times – from taking care of Luísa during classes to preparing the space – made all the difference in emotional stabilization too!

— Camile Florido, Mother of Luisa

I met Nathalia by recommendation of my Doula. It was wonderful, I learned techniques for childbirth, breathing and stretching and I was able to prepare myself both physically and mentally! A wonderful job that I always recommend and will recommend to everyone! I did the pelvic work (strengthening), I didn't have any lacerations and I was prepared for my delivery!!! Not to mention that she is a cute, super attentive and excellent professional....

— Thais Marchi, Mother of Arthur

Doing lymphatic drainage during pregnancy was a very good experience, I felt very good during the sessions and it came out even better. At each appointment with the gynecologist, I only received praise, since during the entire pregnancy I did not have any type of swelling in the body. The professional Nathália was always very attentive and competent.

— Daniela Marques, Mother of Pedro Miguel

It was through a friend that I met Nathália. This friend of mine proposed that we do Pilates together, and I quickly cheered up, although I was afraid it wouldn't work because I still had a lot of pain in my lower back when I started. Big mistake! Pilates was one of the hottest things to do in my postpartum period! In a short time I recovered from the lower back pain, strengthened the abdominal muscles and regained perianal control. Nathália is a full-fledged professional, she knows very well what she does, she is dedicated, affectionate and above all, she has a very special way of supporting the baby, either by taking care of him directly, or by finding activities that can bring the mother and the child closer. No wonder Benjamin always smiles when he sees her! Hope to return as soon as possible!"

— Emérita Sátiro Opaleye, Mother of Benjamin


Nat is a super professional. I did pilates with her for almost the entire period of my pregnancy. Attentive, careful. It was great! I felt much better after classes! I loved those moments.

— Aline Costa, Daniel's Mother


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