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Eamon Mangan


Eamon graduated with a First Class (Hons) degree in Physiotherapy from the University of Salford in the UK in 2011. Following graduation, Eamon worked for two years in a busy Sports Physiotherapy Clinic in Manchester, England, where he gained experience dealing with musculo-skeletal sports injuries, learning how to properly assess and treat all types of aches and pains. 


Eamon was keen to work in Australia due to it being regarded as a leader in Physiotherapy. He was lucky enough to be afforded the opportunity to do so in a top class sports rehabilitation centre in Melbourne city in 2013.


In Melbourne, Eamon worked with professional athletes in AFL, cricket, football, combat sports, as well as amateur sportsmen and women, helping to guide them on their road to recovery and helping them return to the sports and activities that they love. After 3 years of absorbing as many experiences and opportunities as he could from working in Australia, Eamon was ready for a new challenge.

In 2016, Eamon brought his experience and physiotherapy approach to Abu Dhabi, where he worked for 5 years in Yas Physiotherapy Center. Here, Eamon worked with professional athletes and general population clients where he developed an excellent reputation as a musculoskeletal Physiotherapist in Abu Dhabi. Eamon was approached in 2021 by one of the biggest football clubs in the Middle East to become their Head of Physiotherapy at Al Jazira FC. 


He worked in a highly pressurized professional sports environment, rehabilitating short- and long-term injured players, carrying out injury prevention and strength and conditioning work on a weekly basis with the squad. As well as match day preparation he also oversaw the rehab of complex injuries affecting the Junior players at Al Jazira’s Academy. 


Eamon gained significant experience in rehabbing injuries in a quick, safe, and effective manner, ensuring the athletes returned stronger and more robust, capable of handling the demands of playing high level football. This is something Eamon wants to be able to deliver to general population clients in private practice moving forward. 


Eamon is delighted to have taken up a position at Perfect Balance and is really looking forward to taking his extensive experiences and skills he has developed and helping you achieve your goals whether that is returning to pain-free or returning to your hobbies or sports. 


Eamons specialities include: 

  • Sports Injuries 

  • Performance physiotherapy

  • Post-op physiotherapy 

  • Lab grade Force plate testing and training - will provide quantifiable objective data to see if you are truly improving and getting better. 

  • Flywheel Inertial training with Exerfly  

  • Neck and Back Pain Dry Needling - Certified 

  • Postural Restoration Institute trained 

  • Muscle and Joint Injuries 

  • Movement therapy 

  • Exercise Therapy and Rehabilitation 


Professional Memberships: 

  • DOH license - Department of Health of Abu dhabi

  • Department of Health (Doha) 

  • Coru - Health Professionals Regulator - Ireland 

Our Clients Say...

"I cannot recommend enough this center and Eamon in particular! I visited the center in horrible pain for a problem at the neck and shoulder and Eamon, not only helped me but was able to explain to me exactly what was happening. When you know and understand what is going on and why your body reacts like that, it is much easier to avoid putting your body in difficult position so you don't feel pain anymore. Better, he taught how to re-educate my body to make it forget years of bad habits! On top of being a great physiotherapist, Eamon is a wonderful humain being that understands what his patients are going through and can find the right words to help them feel better. I cannot thank him enough for getting me out of this hell and avoiding much worse complications that could have ended up with a surgery. Thank you Eamon! You're the best!"

Lamia Nazzal

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