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Mennatallah Alseminy


Mennatallah is a professional recovery therapist in the realm of muscle recovery, athlete's rehabilitation, sports injuries management, and chronic musculoskeletal pain therapy. With four years of experience in this specialized field and holding a Master's degree in physiotherapy, she has acquired a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Mennatallah's skillset includes proficiency in manual therapy techniques such as dry needling, myofascial release, active release techniques, muscle energy techniques, and trigger point release. She has had the privilege to work closely with elite athletes and sports teams, devising tailored recovery plans that combine manual therapies, sports massage, exercise prescription, and individual education to ensure peak performance and injury prevention. 

In her role, she manages a wide spectrum of sports injuries, from acute trauma to chronic conditions. She's dedicated to optimizing muscle recovery strategies, helping individuals regain strength, flexibility, and functionality. She's driven by the relentless pursuit of excellence in enhancing individuals' quality of life and athletic prowess through superior recovery and pain management strategies. Her goal is to be at the forefront of innovation in her field and contribute to a healthier, stronger, and pain-free society.

Our Clients Say...

"I had the sports massage with Menna, I had a lot of problem areas, mostly lower body, 2 days after the massage my legs were sore, but after that I felt much better during walking and during my workouts, feeling light and fresh . Highly recommend"

Abdulla Mohammed

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