Emily Louise

Efficient and realistic

"After fracturing my fibula in the UK in July, I returned to Abu Dhabi the moment I could get the cast off and get my leg into a below the knee boot! It was massive progress, but fear had overridden everything I knew before the injury. I couldn’t even remember how to walk! I visited Perfect Balance 3 days after returning to the UAE and met Prim. Quite literally the best decision I made in the latter part of 2018. On my initial visit, Prim listened to me and my fears, pains and worries about the injury - the break was a little complicated. But, slowly, slowly she developed the strength in my leg, she built my confidence and supported me in more ways than I ever thought possible. Prim gave me her time, she connected on a personal level and was always available at the end of the phone if I was worried, checking in to see if I was okay, even though I was at PB every other day at the beginning. She went above and beyond on every visit, giving me her time and support, as well as some homework! I felt really secure with her as I was able to see and feel progress, no matter how small, very early on. She explained everything in absolute detail, giving me the reasons behind exercises, stretches and needling. She also made sure I knew where I needed to get to in terms of rehab and what was realistic. Without her guidance and support, I wouldn’t be back training at full strength less than 6 months on. Truthfully, the PB team are lovely, the clinic is in an easily-accesible place on the edge of Reem and Bashir is the loveliest man who comes to valet park your car for you - this was something monumental for me when I was first going and starting to increase my walking. If you are injured, recovering from an injury or in need of some guidance, I highly recommend visiting Perfect Balance. You won’t be disappointed!" 

Alina Greczynski

Posture is key

"Very professional. Amy is a miracle worker, with her help slowly eliminating all postural problems and aches resulting from it. Highly recommend." ​-

Grace Roberts

Fixing the problem, not just the symptoms

"Very happy with the service. Clean clinic, always on time, and professional staff. And the valet parking service is very helpful. Came here for the first time 6 months ago when I have old and long term problem with my back, and Amy found and fix the problem that other physio won’t. Very grateful for that. Now I’m doing therapy for my shoulder. Highly recommended!!"

Moutaz Ali

Reaching goals

"I received the recommendation to go to Perfect Balance since I moved from Dubai to Abu Dhabi after I did a complex multi-ligament operation and the doctor told me that my rehabilitation will take a year to a year and a half. Today I am at the one year mark post op and I can only say after being with Amy Gilbert for 9 months of extensive physiotherapy, that I would not be where I am today if it wasn't for her and the great effort she put with me to get me back to sports. Very committed person, extremely professional and most importantly she pushed me to overcome the psychological and physical fears that you get after going through a complex operation like mine. She knows what she is doing and she makes sure that the patient reaches the goal they set at the start of the treatment. I recommend this clinic for anyone that has undergone any sports injuries related operation and willing to go back to their previous state of activity. 

Jennifer Fisher

Avoiding surgery and living pain free

"Amy did a fantastic job assessing my neck issue. She gave a range of exercises to do at home and did various treatments in the clinic as well. Thanks to her, my neck is pain free and I avoided surgery." 

Pemra Fassa

Yoga teacher and mum. June 2018

As a seasoned yoga practitioner and instructor, I often heard other teachers’ accounts of injuries sustained through yoga, which perplexed me as one of the reasons why yoga is prescribed is to alleviate pain and rehabilitate the body from injury. I started practicing yoga over 20 years ago and remember struggling with a deep neck compression pose back then.


2 months ago, while attempting to execute this very same pose, I ended up with a very painful herniated cervical disc. I had already met Amy last year after experiencing pain in my scapula at the end of a physically challenging teacher training. Amy immediately identified the source of pain and set me on the road to recovery with stabilizing & strengthening exercises and the occasional dry needling. Once the pain subsided, I no longer felt the need to continue my sessions, although she had explained that this sort of injury would take a minimum 2-3 months of regular physiotherapy to heal. Unfortunately, I didn’t follow her advice and over the following months, I continued to practice, thereby
aggravating my pre-existing injury. This was the real root of my subsequent herniated disc.


I called Amy who, after seeing me in the worst pain I’ve ever felt in my neck and shoulder, immediately managed to book an appointment with a top neurosurgeon. I was prescribed a potent cocktail of painkillers and anti-inflammatories as well as the potential option of surgery to relieve the herniated disc. With this dire prognosis, I went back to Amy in tears, dreading the prospect of surgery and an indefinite course of medication. Amy talked me through what physiotherapy could do for my injury. She preached patience: anywhere
between 3-6 months of regular, twice weekly physiotherapy sessions. Every week she would work on my neck, shoulder and scapula, prescribing at-home exercises. Week after week I felt better, stronger. After 2 months, I finally have no more pain. This time the wiser from my previous experience, I am continuing the physiotherapy.

Amy is the most caring, knowledgeable and encouraging person I have met. She went over and beyond her line of duty to make sure that I recover fully. Thanks to her, and with a little common sense and caution, I am able to practice yoga fully again. Amy continues to update my weekly exercises and I am forever grateful to her for where I am today.”

Toby Cartwright

29 years old, keen gym goer/ body builder and desk worker’ February 2018

Having been suffering with a number of injuries and bouncing between Physios across the UAE I had generally accepted that my injuries and pains were going to be part of my life moving forward.


I went to Amy for the first time several years ago with no expectations of anything different. I couldn’t have been more wrong.


What sets Amy apart from other physios is that she understands that the activities that may have caused the injuries may be part of your lifestyle and does not simply tell you to stop doing something.


She works hard at relieving the pain but also understanding the exact cause and ensuring that you as the patient understand this. From there she will help you adjust small aspects of your life and or training along with some self maintenance to ensure you can continue doing the things you like to do. 


With the work I have done with Amy I have managed to get back to pushing my body to a level I thought was behind me.


I cannot thank Amy enough and quite simply I would recommend her and Perfect Balance to everyone.

Sema Faulkner

Triathlete and full-time mum

I am a keen triathlete and a mum of three active boys, and have often pulled a muscle or been sore due to over exertion.  So when injured, I need to know that I am being seen by someone who not only understands the sports that I take part in, but the attitude of an athlete who may still compete whilst injured. 


As a member of Tri Belles, many of us go to Amy for support, because she ensures we remain injury free, or can continue the love of our sports with the correct guidance. None of us get away without “homework”, and that is a good thing! She’s watching us on Strava to make sure we don’t over do it, and continues to pre-hab us throughout the year.  Thank you Amy for your magic hands & dry needling over the years! It’s been a painful/painfree journey with you by my side.

Rashad Sultan

Accountable and progressing...

"I've had a long history of injuries, bad posture and chronic pain. I've seen physio's in Canada, the US, Europe and all over the UAE and had been stuck in a rut. I had a partially torn ACL, herniated disc, impinged shoulders and was recommended surgery and advised not to work out. 1.5 years of working with Amy and her team at Perfect Balance (PB) helped me turn the corner. PB has a progressive approach to holistic health and does a fantastic job of empowering their patients to help themselves while providing guidance, excellent therapy for handling acute pain and most importantly addressing how patients can resolve their short term pain and avoid injuries long term. I now exercise rigorously 5-7 days a week, play basketball frequently and am in the best shape of my life. Perfect Balance is an integral part of keeping me on track. The biggest issue with overcoming injury and dedicating to a corrective exercise regimen is finding a knowledgable practitioner who themselves are active/athletic and want to help you continue doing what you love + reach your potential. Most doctors/physio's I've seen, (there have been many) tell you to avoid exercise/heavy weights and focus on short term pain relief. Amy makes sure you hold yourself accountable, constantly looks for you to progress and assesses the root cause of your pain rather and addresses them by addressing the cause rather than the symptom. If you are serious about your health and wanting to reach your potential, I cannot recommend Amy and Perfect Balance enough!" 

Heather V.

Everybody is unique and treated as such

"Unlike many physiotherapy centers in the UAE, Perfect Balance does not double-book clients. During your appointment, you have the full attention of your physiotherapist for the full alloted duration of your appointment. What’s more, the physiotherapists will actually take the time to explain the reasoning behind what they are doing and behind the exercises they suggest you perform. They don’t expect you to just blindly do what they say without any understanding of the why. They treat you as an individual with a unique body and condition that needs to be catered to. Great place."

Veronique Coninx

Dry needling and taping

"Amy was very thorough in her diagnosis and treatment of my shoulder. She has knowledge of dry needling, different taping techniques and she uses an exercise app that contains videos where you can double check how certain movements are done correctly in case you forget. Perfect Balance also has a valet option for your car parking. In my opinion the best physio place in town." 

Roma Swanepoel

No back surgery!

"Primrose’s interventions saved me from having to go through back surgery. I couldn’t be happier!"

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