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Postnatal Physiotherapy- Tips after giving birth

Activate Your Pelvic Floor

Your pelvic floor is there to support your organs. Activating your pelvic floor can help you recover after giving birth. You can start these exercises straight away.

Position: sitting, 4 point kneeling, lying down

Method: Imagine "stopping passing wind". Hold for 5 seconds and relax. Repeat 10 times (hold/relax) and 2-3x daily

TIP: Ensure you don't hold your breath.

Activate Your Core

Here is how you can activate your Deep Stomach Muscles (Transverse abdominis)

Position : sit /lie / stand in a comfortable position.

Method : Gradually pull your tummy button towards your spine (in and up).

1). Contract to 50% of maximum contraction & hold until the muscle gets tired x 5-10times

2) Contract/relax 10 times

TIP : Try to complete these exercises in different positions

Get in and out of bed

Get out

  • Activate PELVIC FLOOR and deep CORE

  • Turn onto your SIDE

  • PUSH UP through elbows/hands & slide your legs off the bed

Get in

  • Sit on the edge, ease yourself down with your arms onto your side and roll over.

Toilet tips post delivery

Opening your bowels or passing urine immediately postpartum can be uncomfortable and/or painful. Here are a few things that can help :

  • Keep well hydrated to help to avoid constipation

  • Avoid straining. Practice deep breathing to help open your bowels

  • Use a step stool ("squatty Potty") to elevate your feet and go more easily. Squatting moves your colon into the ideal position to go without straining.

You can get your 6 weeks postpartum checkup in Abu Dhabi with one of our Women's Health Physiotherapist.

During this assessment they will check:

  • Your pelvic floor strength

  • The healing of any scars from the delivery (Episiotomy, tears, C-section)

  • If you have a Diastasis recti

  • The strength of your hips, lower back and core muscles

They will advise on:

  • Pelvic floor exercises

  • Returning safely to exercise (when and what is best)

  • Reaching your postnatal fitness goals

Speak to a Women's Health Physiotherapist if you have concerns about:

  • Pelvic floor rehabilitation

  • Back pain

  • Incontinence


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