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When should my baby start walking?

As parents there are so many exciting ‘firsts’ - first smile, first tooth, first steps! One of the most exciting milestones is when your baby takes those first steps. Many parents are worried about their child’s physical development. When should our babies be rolling, sitting and walking?

There are a few general milestones to keep in mind when watching our babies learn how to move. It is important to note that all children are different and the rate of development is variable and unique to each child.

  • 6 weeks: sits assisted with back curved

  • 6 months: when pulled to sitting from lying position baby keeps their head in line with body, many babies roll from tummy to back

  • 7 months: baby can roll back to tummy

  • 9 months: child can sit independently and may be crawling

  • 10 months: child can stand holding onto surfaces

  • 12 months: child can stand and walk with hands held

  • 18 months: child can walk independently

What about walking?

Though about 50% of babies are walking by their first birthday, many babies start walking at 9 months, and others at 18 months of age. Most children take their first steps between 11-15 months of age.

When should parents seek out help?

If your child is not walking by 18 months of age, walking is considered to be delayed. At this point, a developmental assessment by a physiotherapist is warranted. At Perfect Balance, our pediatric physiotherapist can assess your child and start treatment to help your child achieve this much anticipated milestone.

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