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Baby development : Tummy Time

Tummy time is simply any time your baby spends lying on his or her tummy while awake and supervised! Tummy time is important for baby’s development as it helps them improve their head control and encourages them to weight bear through their arms. Tummy time prepares babies for crawling. Tummy time also takes pressure of the back of babies’ heads, helping to prevent flat spots (plagiocephaly).

How often should I do tummy time with my baby?

As often as you can! Doing tummy time after a baby’s regular activity, such as a diaper change, is an easy way to incorporate it into your baby’s day.

How long should I do tummy time?

Start with a few minutes several times per day. Gradually increase as your baby neck strength and head control improve.

My baby dislikes tummy time. What should I do?

Try doing tummy time when your baby is happiest! Get down on the floor and face them. Place your baby in front of a mirror so they can look at themselves.

Remember that tummy time can be done several different ways including lying on your chest and lying over a rolled up towel or nursing pillows.

When should my child lift their head while on their tummy?

By 3 months of age, your baby should be lifting their head to 45 degrees, and be able to hold their head without bobbing. By 4 months of age, your baby should be lifting their head to 90 degrees and may push through their forearms while on their tummy. By 6 months of age, babies will push through their hands while on their tummy.

Keep in mind that development is variable and unique to each child. If you have any concerns about your child’s physical development, or want more tummy time tips and tricks, contact Nuala, our pediatric physiotherapist at Perfect Balance.

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