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Salma Hasan

Salma Joined Perfect Balance in 2021 after 8 years of valuable experience in Dubai, Salma brings a wealth of expertise as a Speech and Language Therapist, having worked in various therapy settings in Jordan and the UAE, including early intervention, special needs schools, and clinics.

Salma is trained in PROMPT, Talktools and Hanen strategies, equipping her with advanced techniques to address speech and language challenges effectively. She has also conducted numerous trainings for parents, teachers, special education teachers, and speech and language therapists in both private and government schools. Topics covered in these trainings include early language development, speech and communication disorders, speech and language assessment protocols, and therapy approaches.


Salma has vast experience working with children aged 2 to 10 years old in both clinical and school settings.

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Her expertise extends to a diverse range of diagnoses and conditions:

  • Receptive and expressive language delays and disorders

  • Articulation and phonological disorders

  • Apraxia of speech

  • Auditory processing difficulties in addition to working with children with hearing impairment

  • Down Syndrome

  • Autistic Spectrum Disorder

  • ADHD

  • Global Developmental Disorder

  • Social / Pragmatic Disorder

Salma is fluent in both Arabic and English, enabling her to cater to the linguistic needs of a diverse clientele.

Above all, She is driven by a passion for helping children and their families achieve their maximal communicative potentials. Her dedication and compassion make her a valuable asset to our clinic, as she focuses on providing the best possible care for every individual she works with.

Raving Reviews 

We took our son to the center for speech therapy with Salma. Our son doesn’t open up to people easily, but we were surprised at how fast he accepted Salma and the sessions. As soon as he sees her, he’d hug her and says his goodbye to us. He really enjoyed his sessions with Salma. She was really great with him and knows her craft so well. We are happy with the noticeable progress that we saw in our son. We tried different centers and therapists before, but nothing comes close to our experience here and with Salma. We are happy, and our son has improved. Thank you so much Salma

Hamda Ali

It's has been almost 8 months since July 2021 that my son came to Perfect Balance for having his speech and language therapy sessions twice a week with Salma Hasan, B.Sc., SLT., DOH. He had so many improvements in his Receptive and Expressive Language Skills. He had passed his first Individual Therapy Plan successfully (end of July 2021 - February 2022) now his target is updated to reach all his potentials. Salma did the therapy really professionally as she has her bachelor degree, 4 years course on this subject. She had the all tools needed as the prompts or clues whether they were used to introduce the new words or help my son to remember the words. The therapy sessions is very fun, no pressure at all. There are also playing time and stickers as rewards. I was invited to seat inside for every session so I could learn and observe how Salma did the therapy and tried to implement that at home.

Dinarti Paramita

My daughter was very lucky to have Salma Hassan as her speech therapist, and I will always be thankful for that. She identified my daughter's needs, set her ITP and was always giving us updates on the progress that was significant after few sessions Her relationship with us as parents and with my daughter was simply amazing, and my daughter was always happy to attend her sessions I highly recommend Miss Salma Hassan

Majda Elharrak

They are very professional. Their therapist Salma is very friendly and patient. I highly recommend visiting Perfect Balance. You won’t be disappointed at all!

Maria Janjua

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