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Dalia Alzyod

Dalia Alzyod is a highly experienced senior paediatric speech and language therapist with over 9 years of dedicated practice working with children with diverse speech, language, and communication needs and disorders.  

With a passion for improving the lives of children, Dalia has honed her expertise in addressing the unique challenges faced by each child. Her ability to connect with her young clients, following their lead and tailoring interventions to their and their families’ individual needs, has been pivotal in facilitating progress and positive outcomes.


Dalia has worked extensively in both public and private schools and clinic settings in the UAE, employing a play-based and child-centered approach to therapy Dalia is specialized in a range of speech, language, and communication difficulties including:


·    Receptive and expressive language delays and disorders

·    Articulation and phonological disorders

·    Apraxia of speech and motor speech disorders

·    Auditory processing difficulties

·    Autistic Spectrum Disorder

·    ADHD

·    Social and pragmatic language disorders

Dalia's educational background comprises a bachelor's degree in audiology and speech-language pathology from Jordan, complemented by a master's degree in special education from the UAE. This diverse foundation equips her with a comprehensive understanding of the complex factors influencing a child's development and empowers her to deliver holistic and evidence-based interventions.

Beyond her clinical practice, Dalia actively contributes to research in the fields of special education and child development in the UAE. Her commitment to advancing knowledge in her profession demonstrates her dedication to enhancing the quality of care provided to children and their families.

Being bilingual, Dalia possesses the valuable ability to communicate and connect with children from diverse linguistic backgrounds, fostering a sense of comfort and understanding during therapy sessions. She believes strongly in every child's right to receive the support and intervention they need to reach their full potential in communication and overall development.

Additionally, considering her experience working with multi-disciplinary teams, particularly child and adolescent mental health professionals, Dalia has gained expertise in working with children on their social skills by facilitating social skills groups. Recognizing the vital role social interaction plays in a child's life and overall mental health and wellbeing. Dalia skilfully designs and leads group activities to enhance their social competence and foster meaningful connections with peers.


With her extensive experience, qualifications, and unwavering dedication, Dalia Alzyod stands as a compassionate and accomplished professional committed to helping children overcome communication challenges and thrive in their personal and academic lives.

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