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What is a Running / Gait Assessment 


Gait analysis evaluates your running movement pattern which helps identify the way your body might be compensating or adapting to certain discomfort, aches, pain or injury of the foot, leg, hip and back. If you enjoy running for fun or competing, a running assessment can help decrease the risk of injuries and arthritis and overall decrease the tension and stress on joints and muscles. The assessment will help identify if you are overloading or overtraining big muscle groups and neglecting the smaller stabilizing muscles. Gait analysis can be done at all ages and can provide helpful insight for prevention, performance and treatment. 


A running assessment could also complement your workouts with running specific strengthening, optimal running pattern techniques and targeted stretching. At Perfect Balance, Elite runners or beginners can get a personalized assessment, making their running more powerful or simply more pleasant. 


What does Perfect Balance Running Assessment involved: 


The assessment can be done on a one to one basis or in a small group. In both cases, videos of you running will be taken by the physiotherapist. This technology is used to slow down your movement and facilitate the assessment. Our physiotherapists are also trained to make customised insoles if they are needed or indicated. 


You will be provided a report and tailored plan covering: 


  1. Activation and strengthening exercises

  2. Specific stretching exercises

  3. Muscle imbalance correction

  4. Running/Gait pattern correction exercises

  5. Modification of training techniques recommendations 


Why could it interest you ?


Are your running sessions focused mostly on time and distance? What is your current running experience like? Do you have feelings of discomfort or pain, weakness or heaviness, tightness or restriction? 


What a running assessment can help improve :


  • Muscle strength

  • Flexibility

  • Overall mobility

  • Improve the efficiency of their running style 

  • Ground clearance and swing 

  • Balance


What can it help to correct : 


  • Sports / running injuries prevention

  • Foot pathologies 

  • Ankle pain/injuries

  • Knee pain/injuries

  • Hip pain/pathologies

  • Back pain/pathologies

  • Shin Splints

  • Sacroiliac joint dysfunctions

  • Iliotibial band syndrome

  • Piriformis Syndrome

  • post surgery compensation pattern

Call Perfect Balance to speak with one of our physiotherapists or make an appointment if you are interested in gait analysis. The assessment is available in group or private setting. 

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