We’ve all been there - we feel a bit of a niggle or pain somewhere and we either stop and rest for a while or carry on and hope that it goes away, only it doesn’t. The majority of our clients seek the advice of a Physiotherapist approximately 1 month or more after the...

Carrying your baby the “ideal way” to prevent neck/back pain is easier said than done. As a mother myself I know that reality often does not match up with the theory, however the following tips may help prevent repetitive strains building up in your body if you try to...

As a Speech and Language Therapist, I get asked these questions a lot :

“Do more sessions guarantee better outcomes?”

“I want to have 5 sessions per week for my child. Do you have any available slots?”

Here are my thoughts on the subject :  

#1: The number of speech &...

Our patient Joanne Norman shared with us a glimpse into her world! 

Here are some positive insights during these difficult times. We will find a new normal and we will keep moving!

We have been treating and witnessing the incredible amount of hard work she puts into her...

Children with high-functioning ASD are often not diagnosed or misdiagnosed because of their verbal and cognitive skills that allow them to carry over daily routine activities, attend events and excel or perform within limits in academics. 

They tend to ge...

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