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My dad was diagnosed with diabetes when I was in high school, for years he controlled his blood glucose with healthy eating and daily walks. I love and admire my dad and he is a big part of the reason why I became a dietitian. I wanted to help people deal with this sub...

When is the last time you went to a brunch, buffet style lunch or gathering? How did you feel afterwards? Do you remember what you ate? As research shows that increased variety affects how much we eat, here are a few strategies to stay in your comfort zone and true to...

My dad loves to tell jokes and stories. He used to tell me this story….

“One day the different parts of the body were having an argument to see which should be in charge. The brain said, “I do all the thinking so I’m the most important and I should be in charge.” The ey...

A lot of new mothers will tell you that one of the best gift you can bring when visiting a newborn baby is ready to eat homemade meals. This helps them to cope with the busy times as they adapt to their new parent duties: caring full time for a vulnerable, growing, bab...

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